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ME 3 – Winner of the 2017 Pickering Award for Playwright Excellence

Who are we? Freud opines the psyche is made of three parts—Id, Ego and Super Ego—each contributing to create the whole persona. What if we were to separate ourselves into this trio? What if this trio is at cross purposes? Imagine your inner self at war with who you love, how you live, or your goals in life.

Meet Jim, a college psych major focused on his final exams.
Meet Sylvia, his demanding girlfriend, of one year, who orchestrates
her own engagement to Jim. Fast forward to a hit on the head and
all of a sudden Jim splits into his Id,  his Ego and his Super ego.
Chaos ensues as his Super Ego and Id go out into the world with
their own agendas. Will Jim’s Id find love with another girl who
already has a boyfriend? Will Jim’s Super Ego fight to keep Sylvia?
Who can fix the calamity of the three Jims?
Come see if love will find a match in this fast paced romantic comedy.

About the Author, Mark Jay Rosen
Mark Jay Rosen lives and writes in Olympia, Washington. His plays include “ME 3” (Robert J. Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence 2017, Branch County Community Theatre, Coldwater, Michigan), “New Lines” (Fast & Furious Festival 2017, Stage Left Theater, Spokane Washington), “A Place Like Home” (Semi-finalist, 5th Annual Neil Simon Festival New Play Contest 2015), “Long End of the Stick” (Finalist, Reva Shiner Comedy Award Contest , and Semi-finalist, 4th Annual Neil Simon Festival New Play Contest 2014), “The Art Collectors” (Finalist, Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival One-Act Play Contest 2014), “Pillar of the Community” (Semi-finalist, Edmonds, Washington Driftwood Players 5th Annual Festival of Shorts 2014), “New Exit” (Semi-finalist, Drury University One-Act Playwriting Competition 2013), and “The Mediation” (Mary Blanton Creson Prize for Exceptional Potential, Method and Madness Playwriting Competition 2013, Denton Texas Community Theatre).  Mark is a graduate of Columbia College and Rutgers Law School, and is a member of the Dramatists Guild.

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