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Performing at the historical and wonderful Tibbits Opera House was among my most memorable venues during my 2017 tour of the United States. I strongly recommend that you continue to support Tibbits Opera House so that future generations may enjoy the world of entertainment.

My husband and I had a fantastic first visit to Tibbits yesterday! It started when my good friend Suzanne Stewart told me she was appearing in Fiddler on the Roof. I hate to admit this but I had never heard of Tibbits and little did I know what a treat our visit would be. The opera house is beautiful and we look forward to attending more productions in the future.

I don’t have words to tell everyone involved with this production from the cast, producer, directors, staff and volunteers what a perfect evening you gave us. We lived in Ct. for a number of years and took the opportunity to see many plays on Broadway and your talent, hard work and dedication to perfection rivals them all.

Many, many thanks!

I can’t stand how awesome they were in Fiddler….it literally was craziness how good it was. And every time I think about the fact that there are people who didn’t see it, I feel bad for them….lol.

Karen Casteel Parshall

Tibbits has allowed both my daughter and myself find our passions. Mary’s is performing on stage, myself working backstage doing hair and make up. Thank you Tibbits!

Cindy Tate - Volunteer

I’m part of the Trine Wind Ensemble and I was speechless when we played there. I felt like I was stepping back in time in such a gorgeous opera house! It must be amazing to act on that stage!

Kate Cooke - Actress and Musician

During CHS musicals, I worked on set construction and backstage with great friends, and Tibbits became our second home during production week. I wouldn’t trade my experience at Tibbits for anything.

Eric Frederick - Coldwater High School Musical Crew

She’s a grand old Lady with the spark and spirit of a great Broad! From sweating in pre-fan dressing rooms to walking the boards with fellow actors she has always brought joy to those on both sides of the lights.

Gloria Logan - Actress

I am in awe when I see the beautiful new facade. The Tibbits has always been an amazing theatre for seeing a show, but now the outside reflects the wonderful entertainment that is within.

Kimberly Knisely