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Odd Couple earns every laugh

by Bridgette Redman – Encore Michigan

This production provides everything you might hope for from “The Odd Couple.” Felix (Isaac Jankowski) is fussbudgety. Oscar (Derek Mellor) is a slob. The poker buddies are a collection of archetypes and the Pigeon sisters (Allison Canning and Jaclyn Collins) are coo-coo adorable.

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The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple | Battle Creek Enquirer Review


Review: Tibbits’ ‘Odd Couple’ good fun

by Christopher Tower/Battle Creek Enquirer

Even before the recent reboot of “The Odd Couple” on CBS, the story is surely well known to most people. Neatnik and chronic hypochondriac Felix Ungar (Isaac Jankowski) moves in with best friend and dedicated slob Oscar Madison (Derek Mallor) after his (Felix’s) wife asks for a divorce. Soon all the issues that caused Frances to declare that Felix was impossible to live with begin to irritate Oscar to the limit of his patience. The breaking point occurs when Felix ruins a dinner date with the Pigeon sisters (Allison Canning and Jaclyn Collins). A hilarious row with Oscar, in which he threatens to kill Felix, follows the also hilarious ruining of Felix’s London Broil dinner over which he “slaved” and spent a stunning $9.34.

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The Odd Couple

Tibbits Talk: Dougie Robbins-Tibbits Summer Theatre

Dougie Robbins, who is the choreographer for Tibbits Summer Theatre’s production of “Peter Pan”, as well as being in the cast of “Miss Nelson is Missing” and “Pippin”, was our guest Tuesday on WTVB’s weekly Tibbits Talk.

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Fond Memories of John Scheidler

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Ruth and the entire Scheidler family on the passing of her husband and their father, John Scheidler. The Scheidler Family’s involvement and support of Tibbits goes back many decades and covered so many facets. Certainly the boys were involved on stage and backstage. The family housed actors in the summer and hosted the entire summer company at their

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