September 2015 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Brandon Apmann! Brandon Apmann is fairly new to Tibbits, but over the last year and a half he has put in tons of hours doing just about anything and everything. Brandon recently married Tammy Barnes, Tibbits Audience Outreach Director and they even held their wedding at the theatre. Even as a newlywed Brandon continues to stay busy volunteering for Tibbits. A Quincy

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Always A Bridesmaid | Encore Michigan Review


“Bridesmaid” deserves great reception at Tibbits

Review September 26, 2015 Bridgette Redman


Always a Bridesmaid is fun in part because of all the curves it throws and the many wild situations the playwrights come up with.

After the show, a group of women in the audience hugged each other, expressing their affection for one another. It’s that kind of show—it makes you appreciate the lifelong friendships you have and value all the things you go through together. It’s a show filled with women and for women, though the guys can enjoy it too.

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Always A Bridesmaid at Tibbits