Theatre Etiquette

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Doors Open for seating 30 minutes prior to scheduled curtain time.

Late Arrival

Patrons are advised to allow adequate time for travel, parking, finding seats, etc. Patrons should plan to be in their seats at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled show time. Shows start at the scheduled time. Once a performance has started, seating in your assigned seat may be restricted. You may be placed in alternate locations, if available. This policy will be adjusted as necessary, at our sole discretion, to minimize overall disruption to the performance and to other patrons.

Hearing Assistance

Equipment is available to borrow at the Box Office for those needing assistance. The units consist of one earplug and a 3” x 4” receiver that may be placed in a pocket or your lap. It inconspicuously enhances the voices on stage. Patrons must leave a drivers license or credit card as a deposit on the unit.

Barrier Free

Seating locations, restroom and entrance are available. The theatre can accommodate wheelchairs on the main floor. Please call in advance for availability. Advise the box office of special needs and seating requirements when ordering tickets. Elevator is available between the main floor and the lower level.

How do I know where I am sitting?

Your ticket will tell you your section, row and seat number.   The seat numbers for the center section are 101-114 while the side sections are even (left section 2-12) and odd (right section 1-11) numbered.  The rows are marked alphabetically – with the row closest to the stage being Row A – the last row is N.

Cameras, Camera Phones, Audio & Video Recorders

Are NOT permitted in the theatre. Taking photographs or using recording (audio/video) devices is strictly prohibited.

Cell Phone Usage & Text Messaging

Are prohibited in the theatre. If necessary, you may leave phones and beepers with the box office personnel who will contact you if there is a call.


Is strictly prohibited inside the building and on the front terrace.

Fire Exits

Indicated by lighted red signs, please use the exit nearest your seat for the shortest route out of theatre. The ushers will assist you.


Located on the lower level.

Food & Beverages

Available during intermission in the lower level gallery. Outside food and beverages are prohibited. Water is the only beverage allowed in the seating area unless noted for special performances.

Dress Code

We recommended comfortable clothing appropriate for an evening or afternoon out. Shoes and shirt are required.

Service Dogs

Only legitimate service dogs are allowed in the theatre. No other pets are allowed. Please silence collars, tags and equipment that make noise.