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Oklahoma! – Encore Michigan Review (7/9/2016)

Marin Heinritz, Encore Michigan “Cain’t Say No” to Tibbits’ Oklahoma The ensemble of cowboys led by the dynamic Drew Porrett as Will Parker give knockout performances from “Kansas City” all the way through to the end. Their leaps, high kicks, tapping in cowboy boots and crisp fouette turns (without losing their hats!) are delightful to watch. Much of their choreography is mirrored by the

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Driving Miss Daisy – Battle Creek Enquirer Review (6/17/2016)

Nicole L.V. Mullis, For the Enquirer ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ is well worth the drive to Coldwater “Driving Miss Daisy” is a play that stays with you, even if poorly done. And this production, directed by Suzanne Marie Ogden, is gorgeously done. It starts with actors Diana Wilde and Joel Diggs, who play Daisy and Hoke as if made for the roles. Diggs is just

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Oklahoma! – Battle Creek Enquirer Review (7/8/2016)

Nicole L.V. Mullis, For the Enquirer Fancy footwork makes Tibbits’ ‘Oklahoma!’ better than OK “Oklahoma!” was the first musical written by dynamic duo Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. It was also the first musical to use choreography as a means to forward the storyline, earning original choreographer Agnes de Mille credit with Rogers and Hammerstein. Tibbits Summer Professional Theatre enlisted choreographer Kevin Halpin

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Alone Together Again | Battle Creek Enquirer Review


Theater: ‘Alone’ proves good comedy is not ‘obsolete’

Lauri Rowe, For the Enquirer

Debbie Culver and Alan Elliott seamlessly bring the 30-plus year marriage of George and Helene to life, a sort of coming-of-an-age story. It is easy to believe these two have been through the thick and thin of raising three boys over the decades.

Donna Adams Schulte, a familiar face on the Tibbits stage, fills the scenes with her precise comedic timing and bubbly presence.

“Alone Together Again” is a comedy that proves once again live theater done in the beautiful historic Tibbits Opera House in Coldwater is far from being “obsolete.”

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Pippin Review | Encore Michigan


Pippin“Pippin” finds meaning and stands out at Tibbits

by Bridgette Redman | Encore Michigan

Tibbits Summer Theater actors once again show that they are excellent dancers, interesting actors and strong ensemble singers. “Pippin” is filled with large dance numbers that are in turn funny, thrilling, erotic and charming. It also has its share of solos and singular stand-out performances. The summer company does justice to this complex musical and makes it a thoughtful but fun evening of theater.

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