More color, more pictures

The process of the decorative paint includes layering the paint with a base coat upon which more colors and more detail are added. The decorative paint sample starts at the center of the dome and extends through the dome, across the ceiling and down the proscenium arch including the downstage columns of the box seats. For nearly 50 years we’ve been seeing pretty basic

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Tibbits Lady Lights Return

The Lady Lights are back! The newly restored façade of the historic Tibbits Opera House with its elegant balcony was adorned with two sculpted female figures holding globe lights—for about two months. Early last summer the base of one of the lights broke and while the sculpture didn’t fall, she was listing severely. Both fixtures were removed immediately. A glued seam in the granite

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Purchase The Restoration DVD

Old Buildings: The Restoration and Preservation of Tibbits Opera House A documentary film by Mike Mort of Equity Studios As Tibbits Opera House’s facade went through its transformation throughout 2012, the process was expertly captured on film. The resulting documentary premiered April 27, 2013. It captures everything from the construction work on the theatre and the fabrication of decorative details to the fundraising and

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