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Driving Miss Daisy – Battle Creek Enquirer Review (6/17/2016)

Nicole L.V. Mullis, For the Enquirer

‘Driving Miss Daisy’ is well worth the drive to Coldwater

“Driving Miss Daisy” is a play that stays with you, even if poorly done. And this production, directed by Suzanne Marie Ogden, is gorgeously done.

It starts with actors Diana Wilde and Joel Diggs, who play Daisy and Hoke as if made for the roles.

Diggs is just plain likable as good-natured Hoke. The winning smile, the easy laugh, the welcoming voice — he is Hoke. Meanwhile, Wilde brings all the bravado, honesty and gruff tenderness to Daisy that makes her a matriarch worth cheering.

Their chemistry is genuine, whether they are arguing with each other or comforting each other. Every scene has that intimate feel, as if the audience is eavesdropping.

Although it’s challenging to cover 25 years in 80 minutes, these two sell it to the back row, moving imperceptibly slower, lower and stiffer over time….

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