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From the first moving picture machines, through the Golden Age of Hollywood, Tibbits Opera House was there with the flickering images of moving pictures. Join us as we celebrate the era with film double-features every month from October to May.

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Tickle your funny bone with a Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau double-feature that includes Fortune Cookie and Front Page.

The Fortune Cookie – 1966
Starring: Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Ron Rich, Judi West

Cameraman Harry Hinkle is knocked over during a football game. His brother in law, as the king of the ambulance chasing lawyers, starts a suit while he’s still unconscious. Harry is against the suit until he hears that his ex-wife will be coming to see him. He pretends to be injured to get her back, but also sees what the strain is doing to the football player who injured him.

Front Page – 1974
Starring: Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Carol Burnett, Susan Sarandon

Hildy Johnson is the top reporter on a Chicago newspaper during the 1920s. Tired of the whole game he’s determined to quit his job to get married. His scheming editor, Walter Burns, has other plans though. It’s the day before a guilty (but insane) murderer, Earl Williams, is due to go to the gallows and Burns tempts Johnson to stay and write the story.

Admission to the classic film series is FREE. Concessions will be available for purchase.


Jack Lemmon & Walt

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