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Tibbits Classic Film Series Presents: PEDAL TO THE METAL CINEMA: A Car Chase Double Feature

Saturday May 13, at 7pm

The Classic Film Series speeds ahead with two of the best car chase films ever made.

Vanishing Point – Barry Newman and Cleavon Little
Railroaded police officer and ex-race car driver Kowalski has become a pill-addicted driver for hire, transporting cars from Colorado to California. Now he must complete his next run in under 15 hours. Kowalski’s recklessness, mainly his refusal to pull over, gets him in a much-publicized police chase. Covering the pursuit is radio DJ, Super Soul, who quickly turns Kowalski into a martyr for freedom.


Dirty Mary & Crazy Larry – Peter Fonda, Susan George, and Adam Roarke
Down on their luck and out of cash, high-speed racer Larry and his repairman, plan to hold up a supermarket that’s fat with a fresh payroll. Larry hopes to score enough to buy his ideal car, and then join the professional league. At the last minute, their heist is complicated by the addition of Larry’s on-off girlfriend, who’s all jazzed up for the burglary. Larry’s racing skills will be pushed to the limit in this chase-packed action thriller.


Car Chase