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Mary Smith Geeked Tibbits

How can words sufficiently express how much Mary Smith meant to Tibbits Opera House, the staff, the board, the volunteers, and all who dedicated time, talent and donations for the historic theatre? She shared Tibbits with everyone she met. She gave encouragement and support to those of us working to keep the theatre strong. She gave us her time and her heart.

How she relished telling the story of her first date with Woody sitting in the balcony of the opera house for a movie. The theatre promised some of the culture of her home town of Chicago allowing her to say yes to Woody’s marriage proposal. Because of that decision Coldwater was blessed with her involvement for more than 80 years.

Mary was an integral part of the team that raised the funds to make the theatre accessible and, of course, restore its glorious exterior. She was one of the few people in the community who actually remembered the original theatre. She stood with the rest of us admiring with awe and pride at the community’s accomplishment once the scaffolding came down.

Mary Smith became Tibbits’ great ambassador, but she was more than that. She truly believed in the theatre, what it means to the community. She cherished being a part of it, enjoying the cast and crew or special guests who appeared on stage, attending almost every show, always in her favorite seats in the second row on the aisle.

Mary, the ghost light shines on Tibbits stage for you and all who have shared their spirit with Tibbits. Thank you and we will miss you!

A memorial service will be held at Tibbits Opera House on April 28, 2018. The doors open at 10 am with a Celebration of Life service at 11 am. There will be a gathering of friends and refreshments following in the Tibbits Art Gallery.
Per Mary’s wishes memorial gifts may be made to the Tibbits Opera House.
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