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Parrish Excavating Sponsors TST Opener “Mixed Emotions”

COLDWATER– Tibbits Opera Foundation and Arts Council welcomes Parrish Excavating, Inc. as sponsor of “Mixed Emotions,” the opening show of the 55th season of Tibbits Summer Theatre.

Parrish Excavating is based out of Quincy, Michigan and has been a proud supporter of Tibbits for many years moving to the role of Summer Theatre sponsor last year. Parrish is a well-established, family owned company founded in 1972 and has built a solid reputation for quality and outstanding service. They will be sponsoring “Mixed Emotions,” a sentimental comedy which runs June 14-16 and 20-23.

Parrish Excavating strives to meet the needs of individual and corporate developers and investors as well as commercial, industrial, and municipal entities. The company serves site development and utility excavation needs in southern lower Michigan, northern Indiana, northwestern Ohio, and northeastern Illinois.  Through its years of service it has built an incredible team of engineering and subcontractor resources which has proven advantageous in providing conceptual ideas, building plans, and budgets for future projects.

Parrish Excavating considers Tibbits to be a valuable asset to Coldwater and truly believes in the importance of corporate support. Brad Parrish, president of the company says, “We love Tibbits for what it brings to our community.  It’s hard to say just how much value there is in the arts, but we can easily say that it is significant. This significance comes in the form of education and entertainment, as well as offering identity and meaningfulness to our sense of community and oneness.”

According to Parrish, “There are so many good things about the Tibbits. Its value to our community is tremendous.”

To find out more about ways to support Tibbits or details on upcoming shows call 517-278-6029 or go on line at Tibbits.org.

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