Ushers welcome patrons to our theatre world. They provide that smile and enthusiasm that opens the door to allow patrons a glimpse into a cultural and entertaining experience.

  • Entertainment Series – usher during fall & winter professional series
  • Popcorn Theatre – usher during Popcorn Theatre productions
  • Professional Summer Theatre – usher at Summer Theatre productions

Before the show ushers must arrive 45 minutes before the show to attend a meeting with the house manager for specific instructions. Once doors are open you will take tickets or show patrons to their seats, giving them their programs. You must stay after the show to clean the area, picking up any left behind programs. At all times, you treat patrons with a pleasant and courteous attitude.

White tops and black bottoms (skirts or slacks) are required dress code for all ushers.

If you are interested in becoming an usher, fill out the Tibbits Volunteer Form indicating which areas of ushering interest you – Entertainment Series usher, Popcorn Theatre usher, Summer theatre usher.