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Annual “Spotlight on Teen Talent” – April 29 at 7pm

Talented teenagers entertain community members during the talent competition at the Tibbits Opera House.

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T-TAB is open to students in grades 6-12 (or ages 13-18) who are committed to participating in at least three T-TAB sponsored activities each year.  A $10 annual due from each member supports refreshments at group parties.

Members of T-TAB receive experience in performing, producing, working behind the scenes, and promoting the fine arts. The programs also develop skills in teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-expression.

Downloadable Sign Up Form

Upcoming Meetings

All information for upcoming meetings is posted here. Participants are responsible for checking this page and the Tibbits online event calendar for information on meetings and other T-TAB activities.


Thursday, April 27th at 4:00 at the theatre

Promoting Tibbits at Community Events & Local Parades

Next event: Strawberry Festival, June 17, 2017

10 Day Film Contest for ages 11-19

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Students age 11-19 compete for prizes and fame in Tibbits Second Annual 10-Day Film Contest sponsored by Tibbits Theatre and Beyond (T-TAB). Random drawings will determine                                                    each team’s:

  • Film Genre
  • Character to be used
  • Required prop to be used in the video
  • Line of dialogue to be used

(This ensures that no team starts working on their video prior to June 18)

Winner of the 2016 contest, “The Adventures of Jeff and Ace.”

Teams of up to 5 people will write, direct, act in, and edit their videos which are required to be between 3 and 6 minutes in length. Further contest rules will be provided here as we get closer to the event.

Teams can use any type of camera that is available to them. Tibbits has equipment that can be borrowed. Workshops on basic storytelling, acting, videography, sound, and EDITING will be held at Tibbits during the ten-day production period. Appointments can also be made to use editing software and receive help from Tibbits staff.

Please call Tammy Apmann at 517-278-6029 or email boxoffice@tibbits.org for more information.

Bacon Taco Mafia Production Team

Behind the Scenes and Technical Work

Tibbits is always looking for help building sets and or working behind-the-scenes. Experienced T-TAB members have had opportunities to operate spotlights, the lightboard, sound and work backstage during professional and community productions. To learn more and become involved in T-TAB, please email Tammy at boxoffice@tibbits.org.