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T-TAB Criteria and Sign Up    

T-TAB is open to students in grades 6-12 (or ages 13-18) who are committed to participating in at least three T-TAB sponsored activities each year.  A $10 annual due from each member supports refreshments at group parties.

Members of T-TAB receive experience in performing, producing, working behind the scenes, and promoting the fine arts. The programs also develop skills in teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-expression.

Downloadable Sign Up Form


Upcoming Activities:


Downloadable T-TAB 2017-2018 Schedule

TYA auditions for Tied to the Tracks January 4th and 5th at 5:00 PM.

Next Meeting: Friday, January 5th at 3:30pm at the theatre


Behind the Scenes and Technical Work

Tibbits is always looking for help building sets and or working behind-the-scenes. Experienced T-TAB members have had opportunities to operate spotlights, the light-board, sound and work backstage during professional and community productions. To learn more and become involved in T-TAB, please email Tirsha Odisher at boxoffice@tibbits.org.

10 Day Film Contest for ages 11-19

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Students age 11-19 compete for prizes and fame in Tibbits Second Annual 10-Day Film Contest sponsored by Tibbits Theatre and Beyond (T-TAB). Random drawings will determine                                                    each team’s:

  • Film Genre
  • Character to be used
  • Required prop to be used in the video
  • Line of dialogue to be used

(This ensures that no team starts working on their video prior to June 19)

                                     2017 1st Place Winner: Millionaire in the Making

Teams of up to 5 people will write, direct, act in, and edit their videos which are required to be between 3 and 6 minutes in length. Further contest rules are posted above.

Please call Tirsha Odisher at 517-278-6029 or email boxoffice@tibbits.org for more information.

Some of the 2017 10 Day Film Contest Winners

Annual “Spotlight on Teen Talent” –

Talented teenagers entertain community members during the talent competition at the Tibbits Opera House. Pictured below are the 2017 winners.