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Top 10 Reason to Come to the Tibbits Auction…

“On the High Seas”…

Tibbits Treasure Map

Tibbits, a Treasure on the Map!

10.   It’s one place it’s socially acceptable to talk like a pirate.

9.       It’s easier to bid than to walk the plank.

8.       You MIGHT get away with calling your wife/girlfriend a wench.

7.       It’s easy to do, when Polly the Parrot says bid, follow directions.

6.       Our pirate servers will keep your mug filled with Grog.

5.       Come see how your beard measures up to Blackbeard the Pirate.

4.       We know you’ve been wanting to wear your pirate hat and show off your peg leg.

3.       No reason to mutiny with more than 500 items to bid on.

2.       You’ll have more fun that an octopus with 8 bottles of rum.

And the Number 1 reason to come to the Tibbits Auction…

1.       Because Tibbits IS a Treasure!

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