A Letter to the Editor

A Letter to the Editor

December 4, 2020

We all know what a challenge this year has been, for everyone, and in ways we never imagined. I prefer to focus on the amazing things that happened in response to those challenges. On behalf of everyone at Tibbits I’d like to say thank you to each person, business and organization that was behind all those amazing things.

While the theatre has been dark, it continued to inspire and entertain. That could not have happened without the staff, the board of directors and a very long list of donors, volunteers and supporters. Volunteers continued to find ways to help. Donors came through with their donations through membership and on Giving Tuesday. Tibbits Board of Directors stepped up to create its Board Match Challenge which received additional matching gifts and exceeded its $17,000 goal.

The community supported Tibbits 41st Annual Auction with hundreds of items donated, which were followed by hundreds of bids. We had to change the format, we had to do a livestream, we had to rethink everything, yet the community was still there, showing their support for Tibbits.   

For the visual arts we still found a way to show how Kids Art Rocks, and we gave plenty of artists a reason to get creative whether decorating a chair or creating art for a future gallery exhibit. Area businesses have continued to support these efforts.

Perhaps most significant, we turned Summer Theatre completely upside down in just a few weeks. And the show went on! We hired a truly inspiring group of actors and technicians who joined the company ready to adapt to whatever the season, amid the restrictions, ended up being. It ended up being an incredible, creative and rewarding season. It could not have happened without the sponsors who kept their support, The Ponds who opened its venue to us, the volunteers who opened their homes to the actors, and the volunteers who stayed active doing their part for each performance.

There are so many to name there isn’t room. I trust they know who they are. We’ve tried to thank them all, but I don’t think it’s possible to thank them enough, that they can truly understand how important they have been to Tibbits this year.

My Sincerest Thanks to Our Community,

Christine Delaney

Tibbits Executive Director

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