A Tribute to Jerry Fair

A Tribute to Jerry Fair

Tibbits Opera House’s journey has been a very long one, touched by more lives than we can possibly know. Sometimes even if we know the lives, it’s hard to measure their full impact. One of those lives crossed several different decades of Tibbits’ history.

Local architect Jerry Fair was first involved in the 1960s when the dreams of saving and restoring the opera house began. Alas, we know the story; the fledgling organization had too many expenses just operating a theatre they weren’t prepared to handle the cost of restoration too.

Fast forward to the first decade of 2000. Jerry became involved with the building committee, charged with finally making that dream come true. Jerry provided valuable historic perspective. Jerry Fair passed away this weekend. We know a piece of him lives on in the opera house for the part he played in saving her and bringing her back to glory.

Thank you Jerry.

The Ghost Light shines for you today.

To view information on Jerry's obituary and services, click HERE.

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