A Tribute to Waive Wardwell

A Tribute to Waive Wardwell

Waive Wardwell
(April 14, 1934 – June 9, 2021)

We are saddened to hear of the loss of Waive Wardwell this past week. She shared a long history with Tibbits. We’re not sure there is anyone around who has spent more time tickling the ivories at Tibbits Opera House than Waive!

She has illuminated the orchestra pit for countless shows at the theatre and so many organizations. She played for and directed our youngest thespians with Tibbits Young Audiences. She assisted with Coldwater High School shows for years. She accompanied many a performer showcasing skills during Talent Shows and Pageants. She accompanied Branch County Community Theatre productions and even led the boys of the Coldwater Rotary for their annual show. She shared not only her amazing piano skills but her genuine warmth and kindness.

Thank you, Waive. your beautiful spirit will continue to resonate in the fabric of this historic building.


In appreciation for the gifts and guidance she bestowed upon the
Tibbits Opera House and by extension to the entire community,
Tibbits Opera Foundation and Arts Council
salutes the memory of Waive Wardwell.

Waive, the ghost light shines on stage for you & all who have shared their spirit with Tibbits.


Funeral arrangements are being handled by Dutcher Funeral Home. Read the full obituary HERE.

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