Abbott & Costello Comedy Mayhem

Abbott & Costello Comedy Mayhem

COLDWATER – Bud Abbott & Lou Costello bring their patented brand of slapstick comedy to the Tibbits big screen on March 10 at 7pm when the Tibbits Classic Film Series screens Who Done It? and Hold That Ghost.

Up first is the murder mystery, Who Done It?. Abbott & Costello play soda jerks who dream of writing mysteries for a big-time radio station. When they are given the opportunity to pitch their ideas at the local station, they end up in the middle of an actual murder when the station owner is killed during a live broadcast. The duo must now solve the crime, avoid the crooked antics of a streetwise station page, and find a way to make their dreams of becoming staff writers come true.

The audience will then see the boys in Hold That Ghost. Abbott & Costello play two gas station attendants who happen to be close to a local gangster when he is killed. Soon they are informed that the terms of his will state that, “whos ever is present when da coppers dim my lights" will inherit his entire estate, which includes of a deserted mansion in the middle of nowhere. The gangster’s attorney hires a charter bus to drive the fellas out to the mansion. Once they arrive, strange things begin to happen, leaving Bud & Lou no choice but to uncover the truth behind the mysteries that plague their newly-inherited abode. This 1941 comedic hit features musical numbers by singer/bandleader Ted Lewis and the Andrews Sisters.

Spending the first part of their careers in the world of burlesque, Bud Abbott & Lou Costello became household names in 1940 with the release of their first film, One Night in the Tropics. Making two, or, three films a year, Abbott & Costello were a constant fixture at the cinema from 1940 through 1956. By the end of their career they had been successful in every form of entertainment, including stage, radio, television, and the big screen with almost 40 pictures to their credit. Jerry Seinfeld credits the pair with being the main inspiration for the physical comedy portrayed on his show SEINFELD, and while they are not inductees, Abbott & Costello are among the few non-baseball personnel to be memorialized in the Baseball Hall of Fame due to their timeless routine, Who’s on First.

The Tibbits Classic Film Series will run one double feature a month through May of 2018 and will offer something for any fan of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Download a printable catalog of all the series’ titles by visiting and clicking on the Classic Film Series banner. Admission to all showings in the Classic Film Series is free and concessions will be available for purchase in the elevator lobby at the brand new Ghost Light Bar. All showings take place at the historic Tibbits Opera House, 14 S. Hanchett St. in Coldwater, MI. For more information, please visit or call 517-278-6029.

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