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Call us at 517.278.6029 or visit our office at 93 W. Chicago Mon-Fri 9-5

Box office at the theatre is open 60 minutes prior to performances

Seating Chart

Your ticket will tell you your section, row, and seat number. The seat numbers for the center section are 101-114 while the side sections are even (left section 2-12) and odd (right section 1-11) numbered. The rows are marked alphabetically – with the row closest to the stage being Row A – the last row is N. Seats in the orchestra marked with “O” are a little wider and offer a bit more legroom; seats in blue are premium orchestra; seats in gray are orchestra aisle; seats in gold are orchestra. Seats in the balcony that are teal are angled view; seats in green are lower balcony; seats in purple are upper balcony; seats in pink are considered “limited view” seating due to slight view obstructions. In the balcony, this is mostly because there is a minimally-obstructed view of the stage due to thin poles that hold up lighting equipment as shown in the photo.

Seating Chart
Seat Map with Key 12-20-2023
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