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“Bridesmaid” deserves great reception at Tibbits

Review September 26, 2015 Bridgette Redman


Always a Bridesmaid is fun in part because of all the curves it throws and the many wild situations the playwrights come up with.

After the show, a group of women in the audience hugged each other, expressing their affection for one another. It’s that kind of show—it makes you appreciate the lifelong friendships you have and value all the things you go through together. It’s a show filled with women and for women, though the guys can enjoy it too.

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Always A Bridesmaid at Tibbits

Theater: ‘Alone’ proves good comedy is not ‘obsolete’

Lauri Rowe, For the Enquirer

Debbie Culver and Alan Elliott seamlessly bring the 30-plus year marriage of George and Helene to life, a sort of coming-of-an-age story. It is easy to believe these two have been through the thick and thin of raising three boys over the decades.

Donna Adams Schulte, a familiar face on the Tibbits stage, fills the scenes with her precise comedic timing and bubbly presence.

“Alone Together Again” is a comedy that proves once again live theater done in the beautiful historic Tibbits Opera House in Coldwater is far from being “obsolete.”

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Pippin“Pippin” finds meaning and stands out at Tibbits

by Bridgette Redman | Encore Michigan

Tibbits Summer Theater actors once again show that they are excellent dancers, interesting actors and strong ensemble singers. “Pippin” is filled with large dance numbers that are in turn funny, thrilling, erotic and charming. It also has its share of solos and singular stand-out performances. The summer company does justice to this complex musical and makes it a thoughtful but fun evening of theater.

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Battle Creek Enquirer Review: Tibbits’ ‘Peter Pan’ is a pure delight

Director Kevin Halpin’s cast and crew deliver a fabulous show, full of imagination, laughter and music. Their collaborative creativity is everywhere, from the dancing to the singing to the swinging from the rafters. It is evident in the costumes, the set and the magical effects. This show is just plain fun.

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Peter Pan: A musical for the child in all of us who dream of soaring high & never growing up opens July 9 at Tibbits

Peter Pan: A musical for the child in all of us who dream of soaring high & never growing up opens July 9 at Tibbits

Show Review: 'The Odd Couple'

By Carl D. Rifenburgh
Special to The Daily Reporter

Oscar, played by Derek Mellor, gave a strong performance in the opening show of, “The Odd Couple.” Mellor demonstrated excellent timing, and his character interactions with Felix brought smiles and laughter.

Felix, played by Isaac Jankowski did an equally good job playing his neurotic, fastidious roommate. The two leads played off of each other well and created humorous characters the audience enjoyed.

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The Odd Couple

Odd Couple earns every laugh

by Bridgette Redman - Encore Michigan

This production provides everything you might hope for from “The Odd Couple.” Felix (Isaac Jankowski) is fussbudgety. Oscar (Derek Mellor) is a slob. The poker buddies are a collection of archetypes and the Pigeon sisters (Allison Canning and Jaclyn Collins) are coo-coo adorable.

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The Odd Couple

Review: Tibbits’ ‘Odd Couple’ good fun

by Christopher Tower/Battle Creek Enquirer

Even before the recent reboot of “The Odd Couple” on CBS, the story is surely well known to most people. Neatnik and chronic hypochondriac Felix Ungar (Isaac Jankowski) moves in with best friend and dedicated slob Oscar Madison (Derek Mallor) after his (Felix’s) wife asks for a divorce. Soon all the issues that caused Frances to declare that Felix was impossible to live with begin to irritate Oscar to the limit of his patience. The breaking point occurs when Felix ruins a dinner date with the Pigeon sisters (Allison Canning and Jaclyn Collins). A hilarious row with Oscar, in which he threatens to kill Felix, follows the also hilarious ruining of Felix’s London Broil dinner over which he “slaved” and spent a stunning $9.34.

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The Odd Couple