Pansophia Academy Drama Society presents “The Odd Couple: Female Version”

The Odd Couple: Female Version is Neil Simon’s adaptation of his timeless hit that originally premiered on Broadway in 1965. In this version, Simon re-imagines Oscar Madison and Felix Unger, his famous polar opposites, as independent women living in New York City during the go-go 1980s. Here, Olive Madison is the carefree, sloppy one and Florence Unger is the finicky, obsessive-compulsive neatnik. The show opens in the unkempt New York apartment of Olive Madison (Sydney Genco), a successful television producer. Olive is hosting her weekly game of Trivial Pursuit that she plays with four close friends. Into this comfortable mix walks Florence Unger, a neurotic and highly-strung bundle of nervous energy who announces that she’s just separated from her husband. Florence, of course, is a fussy and somewhat overanxious fussbudget who can’t stand untidiness or clutter. Olive knows this but Florence is also Olive’s good friend, and Olive is worried about her. Perhaps, thinks Olive, Florence’s separation from her husband might lead to desperate measures…even suicide! Olive decides to take care of Florence by inviting her to move in as her apartment mate. She reasons that this will not only ensure that she has a place to stay, but also keep her safe under the watchful eye of her friends. Of course, this is not a match made in heaven and the sparks of incompatibility soon fly. Things get even more complicated when Olive decides to invite two male neighbors to their apartment for a romantic dinner…and the results go back and forth between heartwarming and hilarious.