Tibbits Annual Meeting

As a nonprofit organization and according to its bylaws, Tibbits Opera Foundation & Arts Council, Inc. will hold its annual meeting of its membership as a combined virtual and in-person event at the historic opera house.

The purpose of the meeting is to present an annual report to the membership and elect new members to fill any vacant positions on the board of directors. While past annual meetings have included special presentations on the building, its history, or some form of entertainment, as well as a reception, this year’s event will focus on the unprecedented past year. In addition to the presentation of the 2019-2020 financials, the meeting will include a review of the theatre’s COVID-related activities both in terms of programming and improvements to the building. There will also be the election of four new members to the board and the recognition of one member leaving the board.

The current orders allow the theatre to open with socially distanced seating, so the meeting will be held in the theatre and open to members. Recognizing not all members are comfortable attending in person, an online option will be available to members who pre-register by responding to the invitation sent via email, by calling the theatre at 517.278.6029 or by emailing boxoffice@Tibbits.org.