Tibbits Entertainment Series presents Roomful of Blues

Catch the legendary Blues band Roomful of Blues  as they swing in at Tibbits en route to an appearance at the Chicago Blues Festival.

Even though Roomful of Blues’ lineup has changed over the years, the band has always been one of the tightest, most joyful blues ensembles in the world. Their winning combination of jump, swing, blues, R&B and soul remains their calling card. Roomful of Blues remains true to the mission to keep alive the music of the 1940s and 50s with a tight-as-a-drum, joyful sound that combines classy guitar with silky sax appeal and soaring horns.

Since the group was formed in 1967, Roomful of Blues’ ensemble has toured the world and recorded over 25 albums. With five Grammy nominations and a slew of music awards and accolades, Roomful of Blues has become a recognized leader in their genre. Lauded by the legendary Count Basie as “the hottest blues band I’ve ever heard,” the ensemble consists of eight members.

Headed by guitarist Chris Vachon, the ensemble also includes Phil Pemberton’s soulful vocals, bassist John Turner, trumpeter Carl Gerhard, drummer Chris Anzalone, keyboardist Rusty Scott, baritone and tenor saxophonist Alek Razdan, and tenor and alto saxophonist Rich Lataille.