Tibbits Young Audiences Auditions for The Secret Garden

AUDITION NOTICE: Tibbits Young Audiences (TYA) production of “The Secret Garden.”

Who: Tibbits Young Audiences;  Auditions are open to any student in fourth through eighth grades.
What: Auditions for “The Secret Garden”
When: 5 pm December 9 & 10
Where: Tibbits Opera House
How To Prepare / What to Bring: Students should be accompanied by a parent or guardian and bring a current, non-returnable photo. Students will be asked to introduce themselves from stage, read parts from the script, sing a familiar children’s song, and do some choreography.

Rehearsal Information: The cast list will be posted on the Tibbits website after auditions. Rehearsals will start January 6, 2020 and be held Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4:30pm-6:30pm but not all roles meet all days.

Show Dates: March 27 & 28 at 7 pm and March 29 at 2 pm at Tibbits.

Show Synopsis: Everyone will love this charming, upbeat adaptation of a literary classic.  Mary Lennox is sent to live in England after her parents die in India.  Misselthwaite Manor turns out to be a gloomy fortress.  Her uncle is rarely home and his young son, Colin, never leaves his room, convinced he’s an incurable invalid.  Mary discovers a strange walled garden that has been locked up for years.  With the gardener’s apprentice, Dickon, a lad who can talk to the animals, Mary coaxes the garden back to life.  The garden seems to have a wonderful, magical effect on all who come into it, allowing Mary to help restore Colin to health and a reunion with his father.

Other Info: Approximately 35-45 students will be cast. Students involved will learn characterization, blocking, costuming, makeup and all aspects of a stage production.

TYA Audition Form

Audition Script- Secret Garden

Tibbits Young Audiences offers programs both for and by area youth to develop their interest in the arts. Two shows yearly, a non-musical in the fall and a musical in the spring, provide students an enjoyable introduction to the world of theatre. By putting on a show, they learn teamwork, discipline, theatre skills, self confidence and an appreciation for the arts.