“Wild Things” Gallery Artwork Dropoff

*Due to a dressing room renovation during the beginning of January, the dates for this gallery show have been changed from what we initially published. These dates are correct.

From fantastic beasts to ferocious jungle animals to kids being kids to drawings reminiscent of Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are,” Arts Alive invites artists of all ages and skill levels to submit their interpretations of “Wild Things” in their upcoming themed gallery show which will be displayed at Tibbits Opera House March through May.

WHAT: Enter up to 3 pieces at $5 per piece. Pieces must be ready to hang (PLEASE use a hanging wire (due to the nature of our new system which uses large hooks, small nail holes or little tooth hangers on the back of frames DO NOT WORK)). Sculptures and all other mediums accepted.

Best of Show/People’s Choice Award given to top artists. You may also sell your work if you want (on commission). Please do not submit artwork that contains nudity. Arts Alive has the right to refuse entries.

WHERE: The week or two prior to the deadline, you may drop artwork off at the Tibbits Admin Offices at 93 W Chicago between 9am-5pm M-F. Please have all artwork dropped off by 5pm on Monday, March 13. The show will hang until May 1 in the Tibbits Art Gallery in the lower level of the historic Tibbits Opera House.