COLDWATER – American filmmaker, screenwriter, and musician John Carpenter becomes the focus of Tibbits Classic Film Series on January 12 at 7 pm as they present “Big Trouble in Little China” and “The Thing.”

Though he has film credits in various genres, Carpenter is associated most commonly with horror, action, and science fiction films of the 1970s and 1980s, many of which have become cult classics. According to Matt Biolchini, Tibbits Graphic Designer and curator for the classic film series, “We considered Carpenter’s work as classics because he has affected so many genres of film of that era—the slasher films, the paranoia-centered stories, and what he did with animatronic monsters. He’s been acknowledged as an influential filmmaker and we wanted to show something a little different.”

The first showing of the evening is the 1986 fantasy martial arts comedy “Big Trouble in Little China.” The film is rated PG-13 and stars Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, and Dennis Dun. It tells the story of a rough-and-tumble trucker who helps rescue his friend’s fiancée from an ancient sorcerer in a supernatural battle beneath Chinatown.

The second film, “The Thing,” is a 1982 science fiction horror film based on the 1938 John W. Campbell Jr. novella “Who Goes There?” The film is rated R and also stars Kurt Russell. It follows the story of a research team in Antarctica who are hunted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of its victims. The team is overcome by paranoia and conflict as they learn they don’t know who to trust.

The Tibbits Classic Film Series, a 10-part set of monthly double features, showcases Hollywood classics from such genres as sci-fi, film noir, musicals, comedies, and mysteries. The entire Classic Film Series is sponsored by Dr. Matthew Christopher, DDS. Admission to the film series is free except for the special February presentation of the 2019 Academy Award Nominated Short Films. Concessions, including a cash bar, will be available for purchase.

For more information, please visit or call 517-278-6029. Screenings are held at the historic Tibbits Opera House, 14 S. Hanchett St. Coldwater.

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