Giving Tuesday 2015

Giving Tuesday 2015

Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday is an unprecedented global movement of generosity. We would love for you to consider Tibbits. Giving to a local non-profit organization allows you to see and experience your dollars at work. We are grateful for your support and can't do it without you.

12 Reasons to Give to Tibbits

  1. You’ve seen the look of awe and heard the laughter of a child watching shows at Tibbits.
  2. Through Summer Theatre, the Entertainment series and special events, Tibbits provides arts and culture close to home at a great value.
  3. You know yourself the thrill of being on stage and want others to feel it too.
  4.  Over 10,000 youth experience Tibbits each year through Popcorn Theatre, Young Audiences, recitals, and school programming.
  5. Nearly 30,000 people pass through the theatre’s doors annually and they come from across the US to enjoy our historic theatre.
  6. Tibbits has been a part of family memories for generations.
  7. We treasure the 257 volunteers who shared 5274 hours of their time and talents with Tibbits...but you know that doesn’t pay the light bill.
  8. Between utilities, maintenance, and insurance it costs nearly $200 per day to just keep the building going.
  9. Gifting memories and experiences like Tibbits lasts forever.
  10. Tibbits is the Center for Arts in this community, plays host to 15 different organizations, and was busy 227 days last year with 62 different events.
  11. Membership makes everything at Tibbits POSSIBLE.
  12. Tibbits Opera House is just so darn pretty!  And it’s the community that made it possible.

How To Support Tibbits

You can support Tibbits in a variety of ways. Learn how here or by contacting us directly; Stop by our business office or call 517-278-6029.

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