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Membership is the foundation of all that Tibbits does. Ticket sales generally cover the cost of events, but rarely cover the costs of maintaining the opera house. Take a look at all the benefits your membership provides the theatre AND you!


Your Individual Membership…

Helps maintain a vital piece of history. Memories have been a part of Tibbits since it was built in 1882 by Barton S. Tibbits. It is one of only a handful of theatres from that era still operating in the United States, and thousands visit this beautiful Victorian treasure every year.

Sustains the daily operations of the theatre. Tibbits depends on the generosity of its members to meet daily operational expenses. Donations supplement ticket sales and make it possible to keep ticket prices low.

Enhances children’s programming and encourages each child to experience and appreciate arts and culture. Tibbits’ goal is to offer programs that excite, educate and stimulate our youth.

Nourishes the hopes and dreams of aspiring actors, musicians, dancers and artists who appear on the Tibbits stage or display their talents in the gallery. It is home to school productions, Arts Alive, community theatre, community band, area dance studios and other local organizations.


plus…Don’t Forget the Match

Many employers recognize the importance of philanthropy by providing a matching gift program, a great way to increase the size of your gift. Please check with your HR department. Fill out your portion of the matching gift form your employer provides and mail it to us to make a match.

The Tibbits Opera Foundation & Arts Council, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting the arts and culture in the area. In compliance with Internal Revenue Service regulations, the retail value of membership benefits reduces the tax-deductibility of contributions. For further information consult your tax advisor.