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Call us at 517.278.6029 or visit our office at 93 W. Chicago Mon-Fri 9-5

Box office at the theatre is open 60 minutes prior to performances



There are specific parking spaces in the Tibbits Plaza across from Tibbits and in the Rumsey Parking Lot to the south of the theatre for patrons with mobility challenges. We encourage those who are able to park in the other lots, leaving these spaces closest to the theatre for those who need them most. Look at the map to the right to help identify free parking lots around the theatre.

Please note the small lot on the north side of the theatre is a no parking zone/private lot for residents of the apartment building.
Violators will be towed.
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Tibbits Opera Foundation and Arts Council strives to offer programming which is accessible to the broadest audiences possible. The theatre is dedicated to complying to the American with Disabilities Act and is especially sensitive to patrons with accessibility needs.

 A barrier-free entrance is located on the south side of the building. This entrance leads patrons to the main floor orchestra section of the theatre.

Accessible Entrance

A barrier-free entrance is located on the south side of the building. This entrance leads patrons to the main floor orchestra section of the theatre. 

 Patrons can request that their will call tickets be held by the ushers so that they can avoid retrieving them at the box office in the front lobby. Whenever possible, patrons should give the box office advance notice so their tickets can be given to the ushers ahead of arrival. 
The theatre has space set aside to accommodate various types of wheelchairs. These spaces are indicated in blue on the seating chart below. The spaces are limited and must be requested when tickets are purchased. They may also be selected through the online ticketing system.
Please note that the wheelchair seats in the rear of the orchestra section require moving up a moderate incline in the floor.
The balcony of the theatre is NOT accessible by elevator. There are two flights of stairs to the balcony. In certain situations, a patron having a physical disability may request an orchestra level seat for the same price as the discounted upper balcony price. This is up to the discretion of staff.

There are no restrooms in the balcony or main level of the theatre. All restrooms are located in the basement level of the theatre.

Accessible Washrooms

There is one ADA compliant unisex washroom in the basement of the theatre which can be reached by the elevator located in the same lobby where the barrier-free entrance leads.

Additional washrooms are located in the basement and require patrons to walk up two steps.

Hearing Assistance

Whether you suffer from hearing loss or just want to enhance the sound during the performance, Tibbits offers easy-to-use hearing assistance devices at the box office window for no charge. 

Keep in mind for theatrical productions, not all performances utilize microphones on the actors. The opera house, built in 1882, reflects a rare vintage theatre with excellent natural acoustics. For some performances feature the unique experience and natural acoustics of a 19th-century theatre when the building itself carried the voice of the speaker on stage all the way to the back row of the balcony.

Cognitive Spectrums

Tibbits Opera House is open to everyone including children and adults who may learn or express themselves in ways that are different than our typical audiences.

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