T-TAB (Tibbits Theatre and Beyond) Application

Have you ever dreamed of working with a theatre? We can supply you with the skill set to work within a fine arts program!

As a member of T-TAB at Tibbits Opera House, you will gain experience as a volunteer with the theatre and will get the opportunity to work behind the scenes. You will gain an appreciation of the arts through teamwork, discipline, production, on-stage, behind the scenes, and of course theatre skills, which develops self-confidence and self- esteem and is a place for you to express yourself!

Please fill out the form below and submit your dues of $10 per year. This payment can be paid at the admin offices (93 W. Chicago St, Coldwater MI 49036) via cash or check payable to Tibbits Opera Foundation.

*Parent/Guardian: By typing your name in the space above, you are consenting that your typed name will serve as your signature and that you agree to the following statement: I hereby give my child permission to participate in T-TAB and all the activities in which they are involved in and further grant permission for my child to be transported in an insured vehicle with a licensed driver for T-TAB purposes. I also grant Tibbits permission to use my child’s image in publicity concerning T-TAB or general marketing for Tibbits Opera Foundation and Arts Council, Inc.