Hometown Artist Seth Pitt Featured in Tibbits Art Gallery

COLDWATER –  Conceptual cartoonist Seth Pitt will display a collection of his artwork in a solo exhibition in the Tibbits Art Gallery from March 9 through May 8.

Originally from Union City, Michigan, Pitt currently lives and works out of Thomas, West Virginia. There, he keeps a studio and gallery named “Creature” where he spends a lot of his time creating things overflowing his studio.

Pitt describes his illustration work as ‘conceptual cartoon.’ He says, “I try to deal with concepts that are far reaching and relatable at the same time. I believe that most of the really important things we deal with, we share, regardless of our place in society, our upbringing or our age.” He adds, “Kids at 7 years old and folks at age 70 have a lot in common when you get down to what they’re really seeking from this life or pondering from day to day.”

Originally from Union City, Michigan, conceptual cartoonist Seth Pitt currently lives and works at his studio and gallery named “Creature” out of Thomas, West Virginia. He will display a collection of his artwork in a solo exhibition in the Tibbits Art Gallery from March 9 through May 8. 

He continued, “That being said, I like to walk the line between a simple children’s story and worthwhile book of poetry. The majority of the most meaningful revelations that I’ve come to in my life are, at once, deeply profound, oddly silly, and simple. This is the type of art I’ve always been drawn to, and I feel really lucky that I now get to spend my time creating it.”

A self-taught artist who never went to art school, Pitt couldn’t even draw a shoe very well when he was young. He spent the majority of his youth believing that he was not an artist at all. While he still cannot draw a shoe very well, he happily concluded that the ability to do so has no consequence on whether or not one should be making art. The majority of Pitt’s work tends to huddle around small magic and the things humanity finds camaraderie in.

Aside from making art, he deeply enjoys writing, looking at clouds, walking in the woods, marveling at the innate brilliance of common things and having small parades with the fine people he’s been lucky enough to come to know and love. He considers daydreaming essential, wonder important and an unyielding reverence for life boundlessly imperative.

Seth Pitt’s solo exhibition will hang from March 9 until May 8, 2020 in the Tibbits Opera House Art Gallery. The gallery is open during all events and by appointment Monday through Friday. Call (517) 278-6029 to schedule a viewing. There is no admission charge.

The gallery is managed by Arts Alive, an arts organization under the umbrella of the Tibbits Opera Foundation, which also organizes the Downtown ArtWalk and other arts-related community events in Coldwater, MI. For dates and details of additional exhibits, or to become involved in Arts Alive, call Steph at Tibbits at 517-278-6029, email artsalivecw@gmail.com or visit the Arts Alive facebook page at www.facebook.com/Arts-Alive-Coldwater.