Tibbits PR: Panoramic Photograph

Tibbits Stage
Photographer Dennis James has tested the process he’ll be using for a panoramic photo of the interior of the historic Tibbits Opera House. The photo shoot will utilize volunteers, some dressed in character, to occupy the seats.

Contact: Christine or Pam at 517-278-6029

COLDWATER – A unique photography event will capture the beauty of Tibbits Opera House’s interior while allowing participants to join in highlighting some of Tibbits theatrical history on Tuesday, September 16 when Dennis James, a local photographer, will create a high quality 180 degree panoramic from the stage.

In a twist of roles, many of the seats will be randomly filled with some of the characters in costumes and makeup from many of Tibbits past theatrical performances. “I see the shot as kind of a graphical timeline combined with a ‘Where’s Waldo’ concept,” says James. “I wanted to offer my experience of panoramic images and light painting to capture the beauty of the Coldwater landmark and came up with the idea of adding the past performers to add something fun and different.”

Many volunteers will be needed to be in the photo. Some will also help with the costumes and makeup and others will be the characters in the seats. Those interested in being a part of the photo should contact Tibbits volunteer coordinator, Pam at 517-278-6029. Costuming and set up for the photo shoot will begin at 5 pm though the actual photo will take place when everyone is ready.

James did a test shoot in August to practice the light painting technique and get an image without anyone in the seats. Because the house lights are much brighter than the walls and seats, James will photograph the images with the house light as dim as possible and create the challenging effect of the lights by painting the walls and seats with a flashlight.

In 1993-94 James offered his photographic expertise to Apple Computers to help in the development of Quicktime VR, a graphic environment that allows the creation and viewing of photographically-captured panoramas through images taken at multiple viewing angles. To photograph Tibbits, Dennis will use a specialized tripod camera mount that revolves around a fixed point with precision stops. Seven photographs will be taken and stitched together using computer software to create the 180 degree image.

Dennis James graduated from Coldwater High School in 1973 and served in the U. S. Navy as a photographer for nine years before being hired by Standard Oil Co., as a Senior Photographer in Chicago. He lived and worked as a photographer in the Chicago area until he moved home in 2013.