COLDWATER – Fill your quiver with arrows and hoist the mainsail because swashbuckling adventures are coming to the big screen when the Tibbits Classic Film Series presents the Swift Sword of Errol Flynn. The double feature will screen The Adventures of Robin Hood and Captain Blood on Saturday, May 14.

Errol Flynn was widely regarded as the best swordsman to ever grace the silver screen until Vigo Mortenson took up the mantel of Aragorn the Ranger in the 2001 reimagining of Lord of the Rings. One cannot discuss the topic of charming rogues without conjuring images of Flynn’s Robin of Loxley, Captain Peter Blood or Don Juan. His adventurous on-screen persona was almost indistinguishable from his wild off-screen lifestyle.

The salute to Flynn begins at 6pm with the medieval masterpiece “The Adventures of Robin Hood.” Flynn portrays Sir Robin of Locksley, defender of downtrodden Saxons. After standing up to the oppressive rule of the Norman authority, Locksley is forced to turn outlaw. With his band of Merry Men, he robs from the rich and gives to the poor while still having time to woo the lovely Maid Marian. Ultimately Locksley seeks to foil the plot of Prince John to steal the throne of England from his brother Richard the Lion Heart. Cast as Sir Guy of Gisbourne, Basil Rathbone engages Flynn’s Robin of Locksley in climatic duel which to this day is still considered one of the best choreographed sword fights in film history.

The second film pirate adventure, “Captain Blood,” will begin at 8pm. Arrested during the Monmouth Rebellion and falsely convicted of treason, Dr. Peter Blood, portrayed by Flynn, is banished to the West Indies and sold into slavery. In Port Royal, Jamaica the Governor’s daughter Arabella Bishop buys him to spite her uncle, plantation owner Col. Bishop. Blood avoids the laborious life of his follow captives by treating the Governor’s gout and is soon part of the medical service. He dreams of freedom and when the opportunity strikes, he and his friends rebel taking over a Spanish ship that has attacked the city. Soon, they are the most feared pirates on the seas, men without a country attacking any ship that crosses their path. When Arabella becomes Blood’s prisoner he decides to return her to Port Royal. Upon their arrival Blood find that not only is England under the rule of the just King William but Port Royal is about to be attacked by England’s new enemy, France. Blood and his crew must decide if they will fight for their new king or allow Port Royal to be over-run by the French Navy.

The Swift Sword of Errol Flynn is the final spring installment of the Tibbits Classic Film Series for the season. The Classic Film Series is sponsored by Dr. Matthew Christopher, DDS. Admission to the film series is by donation. Concessions, including a cash bar, will be available for purchase. Movies will be shown at the historic Tibbits Opera House located at 14 S. Hanchett St. in Coldwater. For more information, please visit Tibbits.org or call 517-278-6029.