COLDWATER – The big screen will explode at Tibbits Opera House with two unconventional Christmas classics, “Die Hard” and “Lethal Weapon” on Saturday, November 23 at 6pm with An Action-Packed Christmas.

In the world of cinema, few things are as beloved or as comforting as a good holiday movie. Families coming together, lonely hearts finding true love amidst colorful lights, children staring at glowing decorations in wide-eyed wonderment, and cold hearts being thawed by festive cheer and togetherness. According to Matt Biolchini, Tibbits film curator, “These Christmas movies have none of that.”

Every once and a while Hollywood presents audiences with an atypical holiday classic that despite their lack of seasonal conventions still become staples of holiday viewing. For many action movie fans “Die Hard” and “Lethal Weapon” are two such features.

Launching the film careers of its star, Bruce Willis, and its director John McTiernan, “Die Hard,” considered to be the benchmark for action movies even today, some 30 years after its release, will be the first to be screened at 6pm. While visiting his estranged wife in Los Angles, New York City police officer John McClane is invited to her office Christmas party at the still under construction Nakatomi Tower. Midway through the evening a group of European criminals take the party goers hostage in an attempt to steal millions from the company’s vault. In the chaos McClane is able to slip away and begins making life for the robbers very difficult. Determined to rescue his wife and the hostages, McClane is forced to deal with an angry thug bent on revenge, inept police and FBI officials, treacherous elevator shafts, and the fact that he’s barefoot amongst construction debris, steel, concrete, and broken glass.

The second film, “Lethal Weapon,” will take to the screen at 8pm. Roger Murtaugh is an aging family man and sensible veteran police officer just trying to make it through his last few years on the force unscathed. Martin Riggs is a suicidal, loose cannon who doesn’t care if he even lives to see the end of the day. Reluctantly thrown together to solve the mysterious murder of a banker’s daughter, the unlikely duo uncovers a dangerous ring of drug smugglers employing ex-military mercenaries. After a tragic turn of events, the mission becomes personal and the mismatched investigators must learn to trust one another as they wage a two-man war against a deadly criminal organization. “Lethal Weapon” is responsible for starting the movie convention of an aging character proclaiming, “I’m getting too old for sh–,” which has been parodied in countless films and TV shows.

An Action-Packed Christmas is the second installment of the Tibbits Classic Film Series, an 8-part set of monthly double features showcasing Hollywood classics from every decade. The Classic Film Series is sponsored by Dr. Matthew Christopher, DDS. Admission to the film series is free unless noted. Concessions, including a cash bar, will be available for purchase. For more information, please visit Tibbits.org or call 517-278-6029.