COLDWATER – Watch ordinary people risk their lives for justice as they investigate seemingly hopeless and hard to crack crimes as Tibbits Classic Film series presents Mystery Night May 25, 2019 at 7pm.

First up in this double feature, the 1950 classic starring Ricardo Montalban and Bruce Bennet, “Mystery Street.” A small town policeman, Pete Morales (Montalban), is assisted by Harvard professor, Dr McAdoo (Bennet), when a human skeleton is found on a Massachusetts beach. Lt. Morales must use the bones to his advantage, to identify the victim’s identity, killer, and history to save an innocent suspect and find the real culprit. This method of identifying the body, killer and history was new and they had little to go on because it was before modern Forensic Science.

The evening concludes with the 1944 crime drama “Phantom Lady” starring Alan Curtis and Ella Raines. An unhappy Scott Henderson (Curtis) and a woman with a hat that doesn’t divulge her name spend the evening together. Upon returning home, Scott finds his wife strangled making him the prime suspect. His alibi, an anonymous woman wearing a hat, is oddly not remembered by anyone which causes him to lose his only alibi. His faithful secretary, Kansas (Raines), believes that he’s innocent and risks her life following dangerous clues to find the phantom lady.

“If you’re a fan of the classic ‘who do it’, this would be the night to attend our film series” says Matt Biolchini, Tibbits Graphic Designer and curator of the film series. “Wrong man accused, shady characters, a femme fatale and plenty of twists and turns, these two films have plenty.” He adds, “Not to mention the dramatic chiaroscuro lighting that was common in all film noir of this time.”

“Phantom Lady” and “Mystery Night” are both classified as Film Noir. The term used to describe Hollywood crime dramas is French for “black film” or “dark film.” The Film Noir period extended from the 1920s to late 1950s and is usually associated with a black and white visual style.

The “Tibbits Classic Film Series”, a 10-part set of monthly double features, showcases Hollywood classics from such genres as sci-fi, film noir, musicals, comedies, and mysteries. The entire Classic Film Series is sponsored by Dr. Matthew Christopher, DDSwho has been supporting Tibbits since 2012. Admission to the film series is free. Concessions, including a cash bar, will be available for purchase.

For more information, please visit Tibbits.org or call 517-278-6029. Screenings are held at the historic Tibbits Opera House, 14 S. Hanchett St. Coldwater.