Tibbits Young Audiences Begin Production on “Seusspeare: Hamlet Hears A Who”

Tibbits Young Audiences Begin Production on “Seusspeare: Hamlet Hears A Who”

Tibbits Opera House

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Date: 09-20-2016
Contact:  517-278-6029

COLDWATER –  In the grand tradition of Mel Brooks and the Zucker Brothers, Tibbits Young Audiences bring to the stage, “Seusspeare: Hamlet Hears A Who” on October 14, 15 and 16.

“Hamlet Hears A Who” brings both Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss into the topsy-turvy world of the parody. The old English speech of classic Shakespeare is replaced with the rhyming style of Dr. Seuss. As Hamlet played by Carson Perez, tries to prove his father’s death isn’t what it seems, Ursula, played by Jaden Swartz, convinces her husband, Fortinbras, played by Jeffrey Harvey, to plot an overthrow of Denmark in the confusion. Love-struck Ophelia, played by Sarah Forrister, won’t leave Hamlet alone, Claudius, played by Hayden Shimizu, woos Gerthhaw-rehearsal2rude, played by Lexi Galliers, to get the throne, Horatio, played by Lucas Stewart, tries to get Hamlet in the zone, and none of them can put down their cell phones!  All the while Hamlet’s father, known in the play as Bob, played by Aiden Koch, returns as a latte-sipping ghost.  Despite the changes to the over-all dark and brooding atmosphere, the original narrative of Hamlet remains the same.

Tibbits Young Audiences has assembled a cast of 30 students from all over the county, such as, Gunnar Cornwell of Union City and Kaylynn Drumm of Quincy. They have even attracted students from outside the county, like Angola Middle School Student Lauren Teeple.

The remainder of the cast includes; Kaitlyn Noble as Polly, Lydia Kaniewsk as Rose, Ryan Smith as hhaw-rehearsalLaertes, Hayden Shimizu as Claudius and Julia Kirk as Gilda. Kelly Warner and Annabelle Tice play the gravediggers with Ally Aker and Alexis Lock as the Mousetrap Players. Paige Kirkpatrick and Abigail Needham appear as the Court Jesters. Natalie Needham, Sam Forrister, Joel Miller and Liam VanWagner portray the characters in Puck’s commercial. The Lady M Soap Commercial will feature Faith Miller, Alex Stewart, Rachel Rutz and Shelby Taber.  Natalie Needham, Joel Miller, Anna Vorce and Bella Carrion are cast in the Bard’s Bees commercial, with Shaun Coleman, Kaylee Slusarski, Garrett Gruner, Dane Pickell and Hunter Smith rounding things out in the Bear Grylls commercial.

TYA’s version of the play includes a prologue, epilogue and even era-appropriate commercials written by Jessie Lillis and Jeff M. Davis

When asked about the production, producer Tirsha Odisher said, “It's a really funny script that is even funnier when it's being performed. We have an incredibly talented cast! They are very easy to direct.” Odisher adds, “Jayne Lillis is directing. We are very excited she has come out of retirement to join the team.”

“Seusspeare: Hamlet Hears A Who” is co-written by award winning author Christina Hamlett and playwright Jaime Dare. Together they have Seuss-i-fied other Shakespearian classics such as “Meet the Macbeths” and “Romeo and Juliet’s Restaurant Wars”.

Performances are at 7pm Friday, October 14 and Saturday, October 15 with a matinee showing at 2pm Sunday September 16. Tickets are $5 at the door, from cast members, or at the Tibbits office, 93 West Chicago St., Coldwater. Tickets are $6 online at Tibbits.org or by credit card. Tibbits Opera House is located at 14 S. Hanchett St., Coldwater. For more information call 517-278-6029.
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